Tuesday, November 8, 2011

15 Days of Duane: Day One

Since it is November- and it's the magic month that my sweet husband came into this world almost 26 years ago.... I've decided for his birthday to countdown the top 15 reasons of why he's the bomb.com. So in 15 days when he turns 26--- he will have no doubt how much he's loved by his (super hott, loving, smart, classy, caring) wife! Jk :)

I am so blessed beyond belief by having such a wonderful man to call my husband. And I think number one is very obvious...

He's hott.

Just kidding (kinda).

Seriously- he loves the Lord more than he loves me. His heart for God's Word and seeking His will in every situation especially when it comes to leading his family. Especially in this last decision we made to join a new church in our town. He was leaving everything he knew, everything he was accustomed to since the 8th grade- but I saw him desperately search out God's will for us- and very boldly and peacefully make a decision. He is a man of character. I love him more than life itself and I am so blessed with a spiritual leader for our home. And one day future babies.

Duane I promise to always honor and respect you as the spiritual leader of our home. Thank you for being who the Lord has called you to be for me. Thank you for your love for Jesus and striving to honor Him in everything you do.

I love you babe!

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